Corporate Responsibility

Business as usual is not an acceptable option. Auburn Mechanical incorporates sustainability into all of our designs to achieve the best performance for the project’s lifetime.

Sustainable Communities

The social impacts of construction start early in the construction phase and continue for as long as the structures remain standing. Buildings benefit from Auburn Mechanical’s high standards because they are designed to be flexible and adaptable so that they can accommodate changes in the lifestyles of their occupants quickly, cost-effectively and without disruption.

Sustainable Procurement

Choosing the most environmentally friendly products does not guarantee sustainability. It is about achieving the best possible value for money over the long term and should include economic and social, as well as environmental, considerations. Many stakeholders believe they are not able to choose sustainable products due to budget constraints. However, in many cases, costs can actually be lowered by utilizing new and innovative products, reducing waste and increasing the efficiency of the building for years to come.