Design Approach

It's all about how you start the project.

We invest more in our design process to ensure maximum value in the field. Auburn Mechanical’s integrated, collaborative approach enables our teams to fully plan, manage, design and optimize our effectiveness on your project, regardless of size or complexity.

We maximize value by:

Creating a detailed plan at the start of the project that controls cost, manages change, and delivers highest quality

Leveraging 3D/BIM technology to visualize design, inform decision making, and avoid conflicts in the field

Integrating lean methodologies to eliminate waste

Using a continuous cost-option log that provides clients with the most current cost impacts

Designing energy-efficient systems that reduce waste and minimize long-term operations and maintenance costs

Involving our detailing team in the coordination of mechanical and plumbing systems during design

Prefabricating mechanical and plumbing systems at Auburn Mechanical’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility to reduce cost and increase safety

BIM Video

Design Highlights