It’s All About How You Start The Project

The success of any project begins in design. We invest more in our design process to ensure maximum value in the field. Auburn Mechanical’s integrated, collaborative approach enables our teams to fully plan, manage, design, and optimize our effectiveness on your project, no matter the scope of work.

We Maximize Value By:

  • Detailed planning that controls cost, manages change, and delivers the highest quality
  • Leveraging BIM to visualize design, inform decision-making, and avoid conflicts in the field
  • Lean methodologies to eliminate waste
  • Continuous cost-option logs that provide clients with the most current cost impacts
  • Designing energy-efficient systems that minimize long-term operations and maintenance costs
  • Integrated detailing team for the coordination of mechanical and plumbing systems during design
  • Prefabricating mechanical and plumbing systems at Auburn Mechanical’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility to reduce cost and increase safety


Our Integrated Toolkit

At Auburn Mechanical, we don’t see technology as a separate component, but rather an integrated toolkit we customize for every project. We use the right technology and incorporate lean tools and techniques to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste in design, fabrication, and construction.


Sustainable Communities

Auburn Mechanical incorporates sustainability into all of our designs. The social impacts of construction start early and continue for as long as the structure remains standing. We design adaptable building systems to accommodate changes in the lifestyles of their occupants quickly, cost-effectively, and without disruption.

Sustainable Procurement

Our experts understand that achieving the best possible long-term value should include environmental, social, and economic considerations. We will help you make informed decisions during the design process and, in many cases, lower costs by using new and innovative products that will reduce waste and increase the efficiency of the building for years to come.

Sustainable Construction

Auburn Mechanical is dedicated to helping all of our project partners achieve their sustainability goals. Whether that means LEED, Green Globe certification, or just doing the right thing for our shared community–our people will guide you to make the best choices during construction. We draw from our deep understanding of sustainable construction, including creative ideas during design, lean practices like prefabrication, using technology efficiently, and documentation during and after construction to turn your green ambitions into an accomplishment you can be proud of.

LEED Certified Projects:

Green Globe Certified Projects: